"Its more difficult to demolish a pre-conceived notion than an atom"-Albert Einstein

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Earthquakes,tidal waves,tsunamis & erupting volcanoes have been triggered by the moons proximity to earth,which is at its nearest for 18 years or something on saturday the 19th.(I will be adding some amazing facts about our moon so check back soon).Also going to post some stuff about jesus,but don't worry-i ain't religious! none of that rubbish here I'm afraid,though I will be exposing the mans extraterrestrial origins so stay tuned..gonna be telling you about the evidence for reincarnation,giants,flying saucers & extraterrestrial 'gods'..in pictures..also revealing the hidden number strings that tie all this stuff together..the key being 666 (6x6x6=216)..ok,I'll see you below..leave your pre conceived notions at the door please,you educated nitwits out there! (s'ok-I was just talking to the know it alls among you!)